Thank you for renting a car with Enterprise!

Below, you will find some information about your car rental, to ensure you have a smooth journey with us. Should you have any further questions, we have listed the email and phone numbers for our branches and customer support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help, we are happy to support you.

Important Information for Your Journey


When we close your contract, we will release the deposit we blocked on your credit/debit card. It can take 5-7 bank days for credit card and up to 30 days for debit card, before your bank releases the amount we blocked. 


On the invoice there will be a line “Collision damage waiver”, this is not an extra insurance we have added, it’s a part of the total price. Please check that the total amount on the invoice is correct.

Prepaid rental

If you have prepaid your rental/insurance online you will not get an invoice from us for this charge. If you have added any extras at the counter, you will get a receipt for this from us. 

Parking rules & Tickets

If you get a parking fine, this must be paid within 10 days. If not, it will be added to your contract together with an administration fee. If you get a speeding ticket, there will be an administration fee added to your contract due to administrational work to the police.

Please follow the link for parking rules in Sweden.

Toll fees

Any toll or congestion fees incurred during your rental will be added to your contract. Please note that fees from abroad can be delayed by up to a year before we receive them.


When you receive your invoice, there will be a link to our survey attached to the mail, we really appreciate if you take 2 minutes to answer the survey.


On the first page of the contract there is an illustration of a car marked with the damages we already have in our system. Please check the car, and if you find any damage not marked on the contract, please take a picture with date and time, and show it to us upon return or send it to our mail with contract number, this must be done before you leave the parking lot. 

See our Damage Pricelist

Tires and tire pressure

When transitioning from summer to winter tires (or vice versa), the tire pressure light may light up on your car's dashboard. This is a normal response from the vehicle's tire pressure monitoring system, as it detects a change in tire pressure due to the switch in tire types. It's important to emphasize that this is not a safety concern, and driving is perfectly safe. The light simply indicates that the system recognizes a variance in tire pressure and a reset may be needed to align it with the new tires. Resetting the tire pressure light is a simple procedure that doesn't impact the safety or performance of your vehicle.


If you don't refuel before returning the car, we will do this for you, for an additional charge.

Please be aware of what fuel to put in your car. Diesel has a black handle and unleaded has green. Never use the blue handle. 

Putting in the wrong fuel is not covered by any insurance.


Electric cars: Return the car with minimum 80% battery charged to avoid extra charging fee from us. Charging an electric car is easy; find the closest charging point at the GPS in the car. Plug it in, charge it and then it is ready for the next driver. 

Gas stations, hotels, restaurants & other good to know

Important Contacts

Arlanda Airport
+46 87 97 90 10
Landvetter airport
+46 10 49 92 011
Luleå airport
+46 92 02 22 023
Mora, Sälen, Idre, Sveg, Gävle or Falun
+46 25 06 19 000
We hope you enjoy your journey!